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Bastiaan Woudt - Nudes


For his Benrido Collotype Portfolio, Bastiaan Woudt (NL, 1987) has collected 10 of his most impressive nude images that he has shot over the past years, the nude being a particular favourite subject of Woudt. A deeply intuitive artist, he likes to work in sessions with his models without a preconceived concept to be able to fully experiment and push his own boundaries within his photographic practice. As a self-taught photographer, these shoots are Woudt’s classroom where he challenges himself to reach new heights. To study Woudt’s nude images is to see his progession as an artist.


The prints made at Benrido Collotype Atelier add a new dimension in the viewing experience of these images. The rich tones in the oil-based pigment ink, applied in multiple layers, imbue a depth to the forms captured. It emphasises the way Woudt approaches the human body in an almost abstract way, focusing on details, juxtaposing shapes with the background or, alternately, letting them almost completly blend in with it. The prints itself have a certain physicality to them, an echo of their subject. The layers of pigment give them literal body, adding a weightiness to both the print and the image portrayed. The softness of the rice paper is like skin, while the sheen of the ink gives off a glow as if the prints are alive.


This Portfolio is true joining of forces of the artistry of Woudt and the craftsmanship of Benrido Collotype Atelier, where both the printing technique and the images themselves are celebrated.