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As a self-taught photographer, studying the history of photography by devouring books and visiting exhibitions, Bastiaan Woudt (b. 1987, The Netherlands) quickly developed a signature style. His preference for classic subjects and styles from Surrealism to the 1960s is visible in the portraits of models he shoots in his own studio. Next to this, he has made several trips, notable projects including In Marokko and Mukono (shot in Uganda). Hidden collects all highlights from his career so far, combining his portraits, landscapes, still lifes and many nudes.

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Bastiaan Woudt photographs 'Amsterdammers'. Bastiaan is a renowned photographer who in his relatively short career has already published 3 books with his unmistakable and personal style photography. This project, titled 'Amsterdam Portraits', is an idea of Roy Kahmann. He brought his work to the international art scene.

The idea of 'Amsterdam Portraits' is to use a portable studio at 10 different locations in and around Amsterdam to photograph characterful people who represent what Amsterdam has to offer today. Diversity and tolerance. Young, old, white, dark, known and unknown. Everything is possible and allowed. That is what Amsterdam stands for in 2019.

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In the "NUDE NOW" exhibition in Museum Hilversum, an overview is shown of the private collection of Lindy and Roy Kahmann and the Kahmann Gallery collection. Mainly Dutch nude photography as an expression of creative freedom, celebrating the beauty of the body and the possibilities of the photographic medium. The collection contains everything from special pieces from the history of photography to the latest talents of this moment.


A series of hardcover photobooks (monograph) on A5 format with one original small print on the last page.

32 pages. Edition 200 numbered. All signed and numbered.

Numbered and signed next to the print.

The real photo print has a size of 9 x 12 cm (Archival Pigment Print)is mounted


Bastiaan Woudt ‘NUDE’ box. For this Benrido Collotype Portfolio, Woudt has collected 10 of his most impressive nude images that he has shot in these past years. The nude is a particular favourite subject of Woudt; in the sessions with his models, he can fully experiment and push his own boundaries within his photographic practice.