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GUP is your Guide to Unique Photography. In quarterly print issues as well as online, GUP has been inspiring and informing about the most exciting new photography since 2005.

Stunning portfolios from young talented artists and internationally renowned photographers are backed with interviews, background stories, opinionated articles and columns. Thanks to sharing new content almost every day, GUP is one of the most constant publications and highly regarded authorities in the field of contemporary photography of the last decade and a half.


We believe in new talent. New is an annual book series celebrating the 100 best emerging Dutch photographers of the year.


FRESH EYES celebrates the best photography talent in Europe. It is a book presenting the 100 greatest emerging photographers the continent has to offer. The first edition, FRESH EYES 2019, will be launched in June. Powered by GUP Magazine, FRESH EYES brings talent to the attention of galleries, museums, commercial and photography agencies, media companies and institutions that work with imagery. 

cover mockup Fresh Eyes.png, founded in 2016, is a new online photography book and magazine platform. Artibooks connects photographers with their audience through their most inspiring work: their books. Next to the most exquisite and exceptional contemporary printed matter, Artibooks specializes in signed, vintage, rare and self-published publications from all over the world. 

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Haute Photographie is a new photography fair with a concept unlike any other. Haute Photographie is centred around a group exhibition, featuring works by the grand masters from the history of photography, to the youngest and most exciting young talents working with the medium today. 

Haute Photographie is a boutique photography fair with the allure of a museum.